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#200922 Posted at 2019-12-30 20:20        
It has been a long time since the last CWR² release. Too long actually, and longer than expected. But I had to postbone the release several times for a lot of reasons.

Lack of free time is one of them. And trying to add some wishes from people was more time consuming and difficult than I thought first. And finally, working together with Batteriefuhrer on adding a lot of Soviet content turned into an insane nightmare of perfectionism, nitpicking and adding more and more stuff. :-D

However, here we are with version 1.7. It has some bugs fixed I ran into recently or people reported. None of the fixes and changes are critical. CWR² actually seems to run very stable despite the many changes and additions made in the past years.
I hope you enjoy this new version as much as I (sometimes) enjoyed working on it.

A (incomplete) list of changes and additions is here.

As with every version, I have to thank a couple of people. Without their donations, or shared knowledge there wouldn’t be a new version:

* ThunderStrike for finally fixing the texture issue some of the Blackops had
* Massi for sharing his Gas mask model with me
* OYO for Donating a fine selection of his helmets and valuable information about their use
* RHS, especially soul_assassin for donating their fine BTR-70 model
* hcpookie for sharing even more of his models
* My good friend MaxPower for fixing textures I couldn’t and for upgrading the Cobra textures
* Last but not least: ‘The Russian’ aka Batteriefuhrer for adding the fancy new Mi-8 model and a truck load of new unit and vehicle textures to this version.

Thanks, to all of you!

Now please, get this new version and have a lot of fun with it.
Oh, and a pleasant and successful and healthy new year!

All download links can be found here.

From now on, all bug fixes will be stored at this Google Drive folder.

I recommend it to save it as bookmark and check it every here and there.

Please note that I will only fix critical and game breaking issues. And only if I have time to fix them (so never). :-)

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