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#201166 Posted at 2020-04-11 22:03        
# W0lle : Writing this post is not easy. But it has to be done some day and so, here we go:

I was running this giant Modification as a ‘one man army’ project for quite some years now. Doing so made a lot of things easier as there were no more endless discussions about every little detail.
Of course it was the opposite as well because of my limited knowledge of model and texture editing. Often I had help from outside people and a lot of trial and error. But it was fun and knowing that people still enjoy ArmA2 and CWR² kept me motivated.

With new responsibilities in a new job and the decision to start Cold War Rearmed III, I have to stop fooling around with this Modification, cease further development and focus on what’s ahead of me. Please understand that all comments on our website are disabled. You can still contact me by the known email address or by sending me a message at the BI Forums.

Providing bugfixes for CWR² will be difficult now and I will create them only if there’s really an issue that breaks something critical, like making the game crash (unlikely) or something like that.
I will not fix anything else, no matter how important you think it is. Don’t even try to ask for it. :-)

With quite a lot people still playing CWR², I know this might be disappointing. But I hope you all still enjoy what so many people put together over the years and you have fun with memories from the old days.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Sad to hear that the mod is not longer in developing because I found several game breaking bugs:

-AI getting stuck in up or prone position when danger mode is active, I have partially solved it by deleting fsmdanger from cwr2.pbo
-I cant complete the shooting range from 1985 campaign, always get a fail for not following orders
-Another minor bug is AI use their rifles and not AT weapons against an brdm-2

It would be a shame leave this amazing mod broken forever

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