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#201267 Posted at 2020-06-09 02:13        
Five long years ago I put Arma development aside, but now I'm back and I've figured out how to make my scripted submarine work on dedicated server. This package is essentially an add-on, but because it's not a mod and does require a mission maker to add it into their mission, everyone yells at me if I post in "add-on" sections. :)

You are *not* the crew of this submarine, you are JSOC operators given latitude to use the boat for your mission. This is *not* a submarine simulator for those wishing to simulate crew operations, so your controls don't look like what the crew would see. Direct where it goes and what it does for you, but don't abuse it or bad things will happen.

Here is the previous implementation's Armaholic page, which will be updated/replaced when v3 comes out:

StickSubA3 on Armaholic

StickSubA3 v3 will be a great improvement over the hosted-only v2.2:
    * New: Works on dedicated server
    * New: No reliance on USS Nimitz mod (switched to in-built USS Freedom, thanks BIS), so NO MODS REQUIRED, scripts only
    * New: Pilot station no longer requires rebreather and diving goggles :) (ugh, that was horrible)
    * New: MODS SUPPORTED: ACE2 ('Ace Full Heal' at sickbay door) and ACRE2 & TFAR (radio management when onboard)
    * New: Uses new immersive, dialog-based liaison stations (Helm, navINT, and Logistics) with camera feeds and buttons instead of just actions
    * New: Greatly improved periscope (using vanilla 'remote designator' object, thanks BIS)
    * New: More immersive features on the theatrical set representing the sub's interior: lived-in-look stuff on the walls, Hold-to-Activate actions, arsenal equipment lockers (ACE arsenals if ACE is running), a medic at the sickbay door providing full heal action, briefing room screen texture tailorable by mission-maker, and the possibility of damage to the sub resulting in flooding of the interior (if run aground at high speed or damage value reaches 1)
    * New: an MG can also be mounted on the aft deck now, not just the foredeck
    * Revamped: SONAR feed will rely primarily on passive SONAR (more realistic) but pinging will still be available
    * Improved: better object used for periscope mast
    * Improved: much better coding (including hopefully support for multiple submarines, perhaps allowing PvP submarine warfare to some extent)
    * Future possibilities: AWACS feed and SATINT feed at the navINT station, maybe even simulated torpedoes since sinking is now possible, and since I've already coded a moving trawler for one of my missions, perhaps I'll do something similar with the trawler object and make it a (simpler) script-only driveable vehicle to go along with StickSub (e.g. with a helipad attached to it, a trawler can become a deep sea rescue vehicle for when your sub sinks...).

It's amazing how immersive this smoke-and-mirrors Astute class submarine implementation is. And with the new features it becomes a truly useful silent-service mobile HQ. It still has cruise missiles, and fine enough piloting control and feedback to allow you to back into a harbor right up against a pier and then hop out and be standing on the pier (despite some camera jerkiness on dedi caused by unavoidable network latency).

Hopefully "soon"!

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