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#201322 Posted at 2020-07-15 13:42        
Hey Monk, nice to hear from you! We have had some good times with VBS1, if you even still remember. I was a RE lurker. ;-)
Hope you are doing well!

I have lost contact with most, if not all VBS users mainly cause I do not play VBS and/or Arma. Some years ago I contacted Gordo about my VBS2 key and at that time he was still around in between the VBS user community and the company but since that time I havent seen him anymore.
No idea what happened to most but i guess many moved on, or simply are now all playing Arma 3.

I have recently been trying to get my VBS1 files working again but it seems W10 does not like the vbs exe files and its not possible to install atm. Need to find a way around it.