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#201536 Posted at 2020-12-04 18:12        
In CWR² v1.7 there is no more fsmdanger in the cwr2.pbo. Only a formationCDanger.fsm which is not used anymore.
All you have to do is deleting your Mod folder and download the latest CWR² version.

I just played the training mission in the latest campaign version and there are no problems at all. Except the AI guys cheating at the obstacle course.

Yes, engaging the BRDM-2 with only their rifles is a bit awkward. One of probably a lot of bugs hidden in that hundreds of thousands line of code.

I today updated the 1985 campaign one last time after Thunder Strike sent me some fixed missions months ago.
As always, you can find it here with all the other great missions and campaigns.

And no, I won't fix any more in CWR². Simply because I can't work on two Mods at the same time.

However, if one wants to modify the Missiona and Campaigns - feel free to do so.
When releasing them:
* Make it clear that your release is not an official CWR² release,
* Credits to the CWR² Mod team

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