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#201579 Posted at 2021-01-08 14:35        
Operation Fool's Gold - PVP Zeus Zombie Mission (Film)
Here is the video I made on Operations Fool's Gold, one of the most enjoyable and unique misisons I have played:

Operation Fools Gold

The world has been hit by a deadly "Zombie" like plague. Many nations have either collapsed or shut their doors to the outside world in the hopes of fending off the legions of dead now roaming the earth. Whispers of a vaccine being developed in the epicentre of the plague have enticed many mercenaries to try and recover such a valuable item as it would fetch a pretty penny. Your mission will be to recover said vaccine and escape the hell hole that is chernarus. Your search will start at the Green mountain Comms post where a prominent scientist along with what was left of the local military units had been broadcasting from.

Good luck.