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#2121 Posted at 2007-02-03 17:40        
I guess maybe now would be a good a time as any to give a little background as to who I am.

My name is Ken and I'm a 38 Year Old Male who is fortunate enough to father the best daughter the universe has ever seen. I know many people talk about parenting as being a major life change and it is but in my case, it's all been for the better. I can honestly say that when I look in the mirror, I'm a better person than who I was 11 years ago and I owe it all to my child.

Aside from being a loving father, I'm also an avid gamer and webmaster. I own a small network of sites that operate under a parent site called ( My childhood memories are based around fear of an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional family unit where mom was the only clear thinker but her voice paled to my fathers drunken demeanor. My memories and bottled up past are what ultimately lead to the creation of as it's an interpersonal website designed for anyone to register and discuss/face and ultimately conquer, the demons of your life.

Some of the other sites include how to make money online, gamemoviemaking and phpnuke theme creation.

I also staff at the following:

- (Staff Level) ADMIN
- (Staff Level) ADMIN
- UK Webmaster World: (Staff Level) ADMIN -> soon to retire.
- dadaNuke: (Staff Level) ADMIN -> soon to retire.
- (Staff Level) MOD

Aside from being addicted to ArmA, I also play IL 2 Forgotten Battles/BOE/AEP/PF/Sturmovik 1946, Half Life 2 + Episodes, rFactor, Black and White 2, and Doom 3/ROE.

Like virtually everyone here, I was a huge fan of OFP but sadly I didn't venture in beyond playing the campaign, expansions and some online. You'll notice that I tend to ask a lot of seemingly silly questions in regards to ArmA scripting/editing but it's because I'm pretty new to the whole creation process. I fully intend to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can to create quality content for ArmA so please bear with my stupid questions. Believe me when I say that I'm not trying to be a pain but it does me no good to get help doing something when I learn nothing from it.

I'm a very easy going and fun loving person and I think you'll all come to know that about me. I love to joke around (a lot actually) but I take things seriously when the case calls for it. I really hope to get to know all of you either via forum or by pwning you ingame.


Ken (aka Duke) Network Founder.