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#22536 Posted at 2008-05-02 08:37        
Hi and :welcome to armaholic.
corrupt : i dont mean to be rude or disrespectful. but major part of this addon amounts to bucket of sheep shit.
Well u do :D

corrupt : all i want and need is group link scripts, automatically initialized by any unit i place on map.i never save the missions, i just quickly drop units on the map and i start blasting.
What u need it's possible that it's not what others need and more than possible that it's not what the modders want.

corrupt : why are those people even bothering with wounds, heaps of dust enough to nuke my machine out of this world, and various other "realism" vomit? its a damn game, i dont want to get iraq syndrome from playin ArmA!
Again, it's cause they like what they do. They are not payed for doing it so...

corrupt : if anyone knows how to disable about 99% percent to get this group link and suppression effect working, please reply. i tried, but with no success. ill be most grateful for any help. cheers.
If you just had said this, removing the "disable about 99% percent to", that at the end it's what you want to do then u wouldn't have been rude.