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#22544 Posted at 2008-05-02 11:09        
guys, thanks for a warm welcome. but you arent much helpful.

addon makers, as well as other creative people should be prepared for people who dont have all that "thumbs up however bad it is" attitude. they should take it as positive as it is (bad feedback is a feedback nevertheless), because all over forums there are people demanding this and that disabled. so much for the first problem.

dearest foxhound, thanks for a SPECIAL warning. its really all you SPECIAL people i meet on the forums, carrying the burden of admins. but saying that shit is shit is not considered to be a crime (at least outside totalitarian countries). at least im aware of what hides under your SPECIAL hat. no offense. now im off to grow up (to be a SPECIAL forum admin like you). you are a true credit to mankind.

for everyone tryin to get the crosshair working again:
removing of certain .pbo files from /@SLX/Addons will bring back crosshair.
i left only slx_gl3.pbo,slx_ai_dispersion.pbo,slx_cloud.pbo,slx_findcover.pbo,slx_mic,slx_mod.pbo;

experiment with those, dig into config (its a total mess!you have been warned) and renew the original settings.

SPECIAL Warning! I have been SPECIALLY warned! NOW, i'm warning you all.