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#22549 Posted at 2008-05-02 11:20        
Foxhound : corrupt, have fun growing up on your own forums, drop us a mail when you think we could exchange site buttons.

offtopic! special warning for you sir! :)) seriously tho, is this group link 3 that SLX uses work of Solus or is it somehow developed from group link 2? it seems to have much more features.

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oh sweet jesus, im so great. here is the final solution, how to deal with that crosshair removal.

1. unpbo slx_modweapons_c.pbo
2. open the config.cpp and change local cursorAim variables for each weapon type to whatever crosshair you like.i myself changed it to the T,which is a value "\ca\Weapons\Data\w_weapon_T".
3. pack to .pbo
4. play till you drop.

crosshairs can be then disabled in the game menu, so you can freely decide whether use it or not.
Anyway, finishing ArmA without a crosshair DOESNT mean you are fit for Navy Seals or SAS (just to clear this up). :D special warnings to you all.

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Its not allowed to double post, edit your previous post instead, thats why the edit button is there.

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SPECIAL Warning! I have been SPECIALLY warned! NOW, i'm warning you all.