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#22615 Posted at 2008-05-03 07:04        
Dev, im sorry to say this, but you are trolling. Its not my fault that you spend hours and hours modding arma. thats your fault. i stated the need of readiness for criticism before. that "constructive" criticism you mention was delivered by me. message was clear: "turn off 99 percent of that bullshit (all besides AI scripts) and it will be a winner". If you dont like it, dont read my posts or jump off a bridge. easy.

now to SLX: the problem of the day is turning off that retarded "camera up on hit" thing. you know, when sb gets hit by a bullet, the camera goes way up. anyone capable of killing this bug gets a cookie. supplies limited.

edit: even the ArmA function for moving the cursor/camera would be apperciated.not cookieworth though.

SPECIAL Warning! I have been SPECIALLY warned! NOW, i'm warning you all.