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#22616 Posted at 2008-05-03 07:56        
@Corrupt: u still don't get it. What u call "constructive" criticism loses all his value when u say things like u say. I can say "you are wrong with what u say" or "you are nothing but a sucker who doesn't know what you are talking about".

I'm sorry but i hope this time u see the difference. U can say all u want about the mod and features but u have to be respectful. I hope u learn to express yourself using the right words.

If you would have said: i think that 99% of the features aren't needed and you should focus on X and Y features. With this, this mod will be a winner., then all this discussion wouldn't have taken place.

And in case u don't read my previous post or u jumped off a bridge (as u suggest):

This discussion is over. Use PM or start another topic about "Modding criticism" or whatever.
All post not talking about the mod or with personal references will be deleted without previous warning.