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#24228 Posted at 2008-05-22 16:09        
USEC C130 Hercules

Mod Info:
icemotoboy is working on another C130 Hercules.

Quote icemotoboy :
I'm happy to make the addon available, although I may not be devoting as much time as initially anticiapted, as the guys at RKSL are producing a C130 I suspect is of a very high standard. Instead I will devoting most of my time to my new island and getting the F117 finished completely. Some of this will rub off on the C130, as we use it alot of USEC already.

Currently the C130 has a number of issues that prevent an Alpha release:
* Corrupt Geometry. There is some geometry corruption that prevents binarization. Hence there is a noticably lag when it is introducted in game, which affects performance.
* Loading and Unloading cargo. You can load cargo pallets into the back of the C130, using a special truck. Outside of our special "USEC Revolutions" map, this really has little effect, but you can do Air Drops with it of things like vehicles etc...
* Textures. The textures on the inside are temporary only, as I didn't have the full permissions to use the textures. I will be replacing the textures inside with something else, unless I can gain permission.

These pictures were taken from OPERATION GREEN FIELD, which was a test of a special map file created that allows an operation to be conducted over a long number of days as a persistent map, building bases etc...

- BIS forums topic


4-usec_c130_1.jpg 4-usec_c130_2.jpg 4-usec_c130_3.jpg 4-usec_c130_4.jpg