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#2512 Posted at 2007-02-23 05:04        
Ok, a little change compared to earlier.

We are going to dedicated this topic to user made video's. Feel free to post any videos you have or know of here in this topic.

If you are in need of a host for your video's than please take a look here in our FAQ. It clearly explains how to upload a file to our public FTP.
Offcourse you can use any other hoster as well (like rapidshare, filefront, etc etc).

If you have uploaded the movie to our public FTP you are free to post about it in other places, as long as you mention hosts the file for you, thats the least you could do in return.
We do keep a close eye on what kind of traffic is generated on that FTP, please do NOT use it as an extra download location for your own website!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to see what videos you have to show.