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#2515 Posted at 2007-02-23 05:18        
Special Ed, or as most of the old GR players will remember him, "Mrpibb" is working on a new Armed Assault mission.
He posted the story behind it in the BI forums:;act=ST;f=67;t=57847;st=0

Format: wmv
Size: 12 Mb

This is a short video, which runs through one battle scenario, from start to finish.

In this battle scenario, it is an 'attack' type, meaning the enemy town will attack the freindly town, the freindly town forces will find defensive positions once the battle has been declared via ErudinFM950 radio station.

The script debug stuff still shows btw, but anyhow, its my first video, should show a little more than pics of one battle scenario playing out in the mission within its current state, hope you like it!

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