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#26418 Posted at 2008-06-23 13:07        
Thought I'd introduce myself too.
I'm Dan, 18 from Newport in Wales, which is scummy. I've jus finished my education and am hoping to join the RAF as a pilot, preferably fast jet. I can't drive because I'm too poor and parents are cheaper :D
I've never played ArmA online, because I'm so rubbish at it offline, but hope to eventually if there's a good group of people to play with. Love the site, the mods make the game so much more intresting (even though none of mine have worked yet :con ) and expect to see me around the game and forum being a particularily brilliant n00b. E.g. What does this button do? And driving into houses.
Hope to speak to you guys properly in game at some point.
Auf Wiedersehn,

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