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#26455 Posted at 2008-06-23 19:22        
Hi guys,

let me introduce myself as all the guys did before.
I am 37 years old, live in Regensburg, germany an do shift-working for gov.
I am married an got one little daughter...and a second one is on production ;-)
Other hobbies: modelling plastik shapes (planes, tanks, figurines etc.) assembling, painting an airbrushing included. My last project is an 1:16 RC controlled tank "king tiger" i am looking for this king tiger project for ArmA...

Me and my friends are keen on ArmA and also OPF before. Those guys are also on work, so we nearly got time to play. But sometimes the wonder happens...we play as a squad COOP missions. (Squad Cobra Force)
It is up to me, to develope some internal coop-missions for our clan. So i will have the most questions in editing. Many scripts and methods are already understood and also done (where needed).

Besser einen Kampf zu verlieren, als nicht gek