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#26789 Posted at 2008-06-28 17:41        
Well, I think nobody knows my background info . . .

Well, here I am : Felix, almost 19 yo, from Quebec - Canada, living in France and studying in England
(it's a real mess !). I love Music (all kinds), Cinema (... all kinds) and going through my limits (physical and mental, certainly not intelectual !!). Militarywise, I'm actually in the CCF which is a military formation for younger people (between 14 yo - 18 yo I'd say) in Britain; I'm lance-coporale for the moment :8)

I played OFP before and I was the Call of duty kind of player, I did not like the game (dumb me). In fact it is after I started the CCF that I thaught:" Oh fudgy god ! I should not have thrown OFP away . . . Mmmm actually it would be nice if they develloped a second one with better graphics and shit . . ."
Guess what happened a year after ! Give me a Aleluia ! I actually was just curious when I saw ARMA in a shop, I did not make the link with OFP at all (come on ! ARMA, OFP > How is that similar) !
But then, I saw "from the creators of Operation Flashpoint". "WOw" says my brain . . . "It's basicly OFP 2" said the seller. And here I am ! Happy as ever after with loads of children blablabla . . .

That's me ! :)

PS: If I may thank all the modders and addoners and graphists or whatever for their work which is just good ! Special Thanks to scripters who speak a language I never managed to learned !
Well done !