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#26813 Posted at 2008-06-28 23:20        
Hi all! Ive been posting here for quite awhile but I just found this topic, so here it goes.
I'm enad, real name Dane(dane spelled backwards is enad) I'm probably the most immature 27 year old in the world but im also the sexiest! :D I have my own house in Long Island, New York, I have a banging fiance, no kids yet, were currently working on it. ;) I love computers and comedy. I keep buying more equipment for my computer because everything I but doesn't seem good enough...:dontgetit
Im a part time comedian, and construction worker. I have a cat....and a frog.:) yes a frog.
To sum it all up I could be considered legally retarded. :wackit

edit: oh...and im god also.