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#28573 Posted at 2008-07-22 03:04        
I just have a qucik little story about when i was playing SLX on 1.14. I got bored and made my own server online and played warfare while running SLX.

After about half an hour of amazing gameplay i had enough money to get a couple cannons. I set out behind enemy line and got an over watch position on Arcadia. I could hear the Resistance fighters vehicles and decided to call in artillery. After the bombardment it got quite I could hear them all screaming that they were bleeding. I took a look through my my scope(i had the barret) and i could see one of the soldiers dragging one of his squad members down the street.

I waited 15 minutes and could see a wave of OpFor approaching the town. A small fire fight errupted and the Resitance were pretty much decimated. I took a look through my scope where most of the casualties were and I could see the OpFor capturing the surviving Resistance fighters and Opfor wounded being dragged to some medics.