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#29461 Posted at 2008-07-29 22:02        
I was testing this mod, using different combinations of PBOs trying to get rid of the slowdown. For some reason, the slowdown only occurs when vehicles are present and when there is a firefight. I thought it was the smoke from the exploding vehicles, so I took out slx_cloud.pbo. It wasn't that. I then used nothing but AI dispersion, anims, voices, enginestart, findcover, gl3, misc, modpeople, reloadshout, shout, and wounds. There was still a slowdown. I'm starting to conclude that the slowdown comes from the AI, since it takes a large amount of processing for each unit.

Tomahawk : i would like to know which file(s) of the slx mod causes a fire fight to last longer?

(makes the AI shoot at my surroundings, not dfirectly at me)
The readme contains descriptions of what each PBO file does. If you want great AI, you'll need findcover, gl3, and wounds. You might also want AI dispersion to make AIs less accurate based on their skill.

EDIT: Removing slx_modpeople.pbo considerably reduced the slowdown, but I liked it because it gave soldiers more health.

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