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#29628 Posted at 2008-07-31 17:02        
Hi, I'm Gary and just picked up the game about a week ago. In the games I play online it's always co-op. That greatly limits my choice of games over the years. So I play games, for example, like VietCong. It's not known for being a tactical shooter but if you play "teamrespawn" and have a serious team of guys, you can play it like one.

I'm having a seriously tough time figuring out what the heck I'm doing in ArmA and at some point soon will post a list of super-noob questions in the General forum.

I've never played OFP. Back then I went the Ghost Recon route. Please - no hard feelings. :)

By the time I buy a game the community is usually near death. It's good to see so many new mods come out for this game - it's obviously got legs.

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