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#29946 Posted at 2008-08-04 07:07        
icemotoboy : Oh dear I had hoped everyone had forgotten about the Oil Rig :P. There are numerous problems with the Oil Rig, but it was a fantastic learning experience for me and I do intend to revisit it sometime soon.

RE: the USEC C130; I think the ArmA community has been wanting one for a while and its a bit cruel for us to continue to keep it as a secret addon. Once I've fixed my geometry issue associated with preventing binarization, I will release it in the state its in... for better or worse.

Yes we waiting for an C130 for a long time!!!

I having a AC-130E Spectre from FS 2004 for you!! Great Model!! The only thing you have to do is convert it for ArmA and asked the creator for permission,that's all

Look, on this webside: