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#30198 Posted at 2008-08-07 15:07        
3-frontline_01.jpg 3-frontline_02.jpg

Been working on a few things lately, here's a screen of my waffen ss panzer crew in peadot 44 uniforms and a shot of some Frontline Russian infantry. There's an opel blitz truck ready for release and of course the Panzer crews. However, the armour you see in the shots are straight OFP imports and I can't release them without the original author permissions, all I've done is modify the configccp files to get them in game with arma. I've had some cracking ww2 games with them and upgraded the Tiger armour thickness and range. The infantry you see in the shots are modifications of Vilas ww2 pack, and again I can't release them without his permission. I have asked but he has asked me to wait until he upgrades the weapons, so theres a bit of a catch 22 unfortunately. Here's a list of stuff ready to go, but dependant on Vilas weapons -;

Waffen ss peadot
Waffen ss oakleaf
Waffen ss field grey
Waffen ss tank crew
Russian infantry
British Paras

Vehicle imports
panzer iv

The only things I could release right now are the panzer crews and the Opel Blitz, which arn't dependant on anyone else, so unfortunately folks until I get some release permissions you'll just have to wait!

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