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#30328 Posted at 2008-08-09 10:28        
[size=2]31st Normandy mod -WW2 [/size]

Mod Info:
Rip31st announced that he is working on a new WW2 Mod, Which the Era, Is based on the Normandy landings Of June the 6th, 1944, See the topic in the BI forums

Quote, Rip31st

First off I want to say "HI" to all those out there. I haven't been in the community very long. I just bought ArmA back in Feb this year and found out it's versatility. I'm a World War 2 fan. Love WW2 stuff. So that's pretty much what you're gonna get from me.

I'm in a squad that's existed online playing several different games mainly focusing on the WWII type games since 1995. I wrote a WWII realism mod a a flight sim and took it to a certain company in redmond,WA but they told me then "Online multiplayer gaming isn't popular, so no thanks" - heh that was back in 95'.

We came to ArmA because we noticed it's diversity and open source. We just got fed up with waiting for months to pass from our last game's developer before a patch would be released that might entail one vehicle. Plus the graphics were ancient from the 3D engine they were using. So here we are.

I searched and searched and couldn't find much out there for WW2 in ArmA. I've seen a lot of stuff for OFP for it. I've also seen a bunch of youtube stuff portraying WW2 with Arma's current equipment. I'm aware there are others out there making WW2 stuff for Arma right now, but my patience for wanting to play it now has grown thin quickly! I'm sure you understand. LOL. That said...

I started back in the beginning of June and made some models and a VERY large map. I've also re-done some evolution and warfare type missions. Some of you may be familiar with "31ST ALL OUT WARFARE" running on our server. So pretty much a jack of all trades.

* Now we are not trying for beauty points. We are shooting for gameplay and functionality. We aren't trying for model accuracy either as time is an issue. Fun is the goal. Some models and bugs, some don't look that great. Art is not my forte. ArmA Map makers can appreciate stretching a 2048x2048 pixel image over the area of a....well...errrr "HUGE", "SCAREY BIG" area and trying to make it look alright. Some people may notice that and be critical of it. But I've surrounded myself with people in my squad that aren't. So no worries there.

    -Large scale map - 23,592 square Kilometers! (yeah thats huge) Map tested and is stable.
    -Map features: 50+ towns many of which were modeled from WW2 photos ( No they aren't perfect and there's not a lot to go on in some of these towns ). Terrain & topography from NASA's space shuttle radar imaging.
    -1 easter egg
    -Vilas WW2 Infantry ( with permission of course ).
    -rip31st vehicles(none complete yet):
      -LMC(3) Higgin's style landing craft
      -Hawker Hurricane MK V
      -Panzer 4H
      -Sherman v
    -Other vehicles planned to be modeled before initial Beta release(planned):
      -C47 troop transport
      -Ju52 troop transport
      -Cromwell tank
    -Several more vehicles to be added later(unplanned).
    -Panzer 2
    -Panzer 3
    -Obstacles and trenches later to come.
    -And more open to suggetions...
    -Multiple multiplayer missions
    -Campaign based scenarios
    -Story driven single missions
    -Warfare CTI type missions
    -31st WW2
    -Missions that play out real WW2 battles and operations such as:
      -Operation Overlord
      -Operation Neptune ( including pegasus bridge )
      -Operation Goodwood
      -Operation Charmwood
      -Operation Cobra
      -Operation total ease
      -And many more ops...etc,etc
    So far with what we've already got there's a ton of fun to be had, but that's to come soon to the public with a few more vehicles and minor map touch-ups. The map is big so it needs the transport vehicles to make it happen before we can realistically start testing.

    People seem to fret with big maps because of the lack of gameplay going on and travel time. But this map is so versatile because of it's size, its easy to play out several different types of scenarios which don't have to cover the entire map:
    In-Town scenarios, town VS town fighting. Wide open expanse tank type battles, large scale air battles. Everything from small scale tactics and large scale strategy. Many different towns and missions to play out.

    The squad status tab will be included in some of the missions to further refine control of AI.

    Think of the possibilities. You could play everything from a quake type shoot em up to a long lasting several day campaign. Everything from Airborne assault to a furball. You could command a panzer division while HE111's are leveling Cantebury. Whether it's for the person who likes to log on for 15 minutes or 5 hours at a time, we will have something fun for you. OR someone that likes the teamwork aspect or going solol. That is if WW2 is your kick.

    Now some of my squaddies seem to think we've bitten off more then we can chew, but since June, that's only a few month's I've popped out a bunch of equipment and made a respectable map. They were suprised to see how much I've done in such a short period of time.

    Anyway onto the pics. Anything and Everything you see is subject to change and isn't final til I say. LOL The screenies aren't high quality.

    You can view the 31st Normandy mod - WW2 gallery here


    2661-lcm39.jpg 2661-jagdpanther6.jpg 2661-hurri_8.jpg 2661-cherbourg2.jpg 2661-pegasus1.jpg 2661-pz4h18.jpg 2661-lcm310.jpg 2661-m4a4_7.jpg

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