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#31638 Posted at 2008-08-21 23:40        
Hi! I'm new here to these boards and somewhat new to this community. I just wanted to share some additional information regarding this MOD WIP:

This week we've pretty much been on a testing rampage. We've open up a test server open to the public for those that want to share in helping develope this mod. The information regarding downloading and trying out this equipment can be had by sending a PM to me. I can direct you to a download along with the corresponding information you need to help us out.

Various test sessions are organized on the test server. Times are random as developments occur and new missions are created. Usually those involved are setup on MSN Messager and our Teamspeak server. If you would like that info you can send me a PM.

Along with the testing this week some fixes have taken place:

-C47 now has map icon
-C47 now has picture icon
-C47 props rotate properly
-C47 Lowered pitch of engine, sounds better
-C47 Removed Weapons (FFAR,vickers)

Future fixes for the C47:
-add cockpit
-add interior cargo cabin
-add new exterior textures
-add flaps
-adjust flight dynamics ( flys okay now, but we want it to fly better)

As far as development go. There are now several people involved within the WWII ArmA community. Serveral folks are onboard. Here's a look at what's coming up soon:


-Additonal Infantry are currently being added to the mix. (This will add a very large variety of infantry to choose from when playing WWII on a server.
-There is another 109 in work and the current 109 we have is being re-textured.
-A Panther
-A Tiger
-A Cromwell
-A couple of GMC trucks
-A couple opel blitz
-C47 repaint
-Several missions

I will keep you posted as things develope. As items are semi-complete and added to testing, accouncements will be made on it's availability and credit will be given to those individuals responsible.

-JU52 cockpit, cargo cabin, and multi-weapon position.