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#31688 Posted at 2008-08-22 14:02        
[size=2]Project T-800[/size]

Mod Info:
i just wanna inform you that i started my first project.
Inspired by XPETIT Terminator he made 3 years ago for OFP and over the sadness that nobody else is doing such a project yet for ARMA I decide to live out my crazyness and to (try) to learn moddelling ARMA addons.

Searching the www to find infos and ideas about modelling a T800 i found the websides of two amazing guys:
Tobor (aka James Murphy) and Marek.

In special the last one has made a model that is amazing. he worked over a year on it.
Both guys has disclaimers about free using of the models if uncommercial manner and i send emails. With marek i have very interesting and friendly email-conversation know, but Tobor didnt answer yet.
Both models were already used to make an ingame addon (in this case for unreal turnament)

after first tryings about using Tobors bodyparts with mareks models head and some heavy problems with oxygen i decide to make tests with both models and to build two t800 at least.
may sound crazy and about unnecessary work but i'll do.

In last few days i made 9 testmodels and it is further going on. know i have to state that james model is easier to handle at moment. But both models has high quality and it is not easy to face them down for using in Oxygen 2.
the necessary changes are so heavy that theyre almost not recognisable...but its working.

At the moment i have problems with textures, but i am on way to make it good. because of my missing experience about making addons i have to read and try many stuff now.
here i am...textures are done. Hope you like it. Model got some or many changes, too.

- BI forums



Previous Screenshots:

4420-marccom_t800_02.jpg 4420-marccom_t800_03.jpg 4420-marccom_t800_04.jpg 4420-marccom_t800_05.jpg 4420-marccom_t800_06.jpg 4420-marccom_t800_07.jpg

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