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#32086 Posted at 2008-08-26 20:12        
Hi I am Telly from {SSS} *(Sesame Street Separatists),
we Puppets startet in the old days with Operation Flashpoint as soon as it hit the stores.
We were a active Clan in "Medal of Honor" "Call of Duty" (some still are) and Americas Army for many many years now and had members up to 40 in the golden hours.
We are down to 5 active playing ArmA + Americas Army Puppets.

I am from Frankfurt Germany, realistic gaming is my thing, I dont like bunny hopping games.
I miss my BAS Ampoint Saw249 :blush

I love Armaholic, this is the best forum in my eyes, we get all our addons from here and so I want to thank all you skilled people out there for making my ArmA time even more fun.

laterz T.

"War is not nice" Barbara Bush