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#32124 Posted at 2008-08-27 05:15        
Here's a few screenies of the final set of Wiking Division tank crew, Wiking Division waffen SS and some Fallschirmjager. All of these models should be available for download from Rip31st FTP site, either today or tomorrow, as early samples of the MOD. Should be some US paras and Brit paras coming up shortly, enjoy! Also, more variations of the Waffen SS, ie, oak A uniform smocks and pea dot 44 tunics. Many thanks to Vilas for his initial work and the inspiration to get these done.

3-frontline_08.jpg 3-frontline_09.jpg 3-frontline_10.jpg

3-frontline_11.jpg 3-frontline_12.jpg 3-frontline_13.jpg