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#33341 Posted at 2008-09-07 22:42        
Hey all, I just enlisted here and thought I'd say hi. Still getting used to the way the forums work (been lurking a while), so forgive any noobish mistakes I make. I'm not even sure if I'm typing in the right spot here, lol. Guess I'll see in a minute.

I haven't been playing ArmA that long, but was happily surprised when I bought it on direct2drive. I've played a lot of military/war games such as Company of Heroes, COD, America's Army, Silent Hunter III/IV, WWIIOL -- but this is the first squad based "simulation" I've found that nailed it in many respects. It's very, very cool. Played through the original campaign, vanilla, and after I bought QG, I decided I'd run those final campaigns with some mods. I've already installed a ton of stuff that has made ArmA even more enjoyable than before.

I gotta admit... While ArmA was downloading from D2D after I bought it, I lurked on youtube watching videos, and saw a lot of negative comments about ArmA - especially from BF2(?) people. I've never played the BF series so a lot of it made no sense. But it made me a bit nervous as the download was getting closer to finishing, that I'd bought another game I wouldn't end up playing much. However, turned out entirely the opposite. Really enjoying ArmA so far.

Anyway, rambling. I'm Bacon. I'm a 30 y/o Male. And glad to have found this site. S!