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#33351 Posted at 2008-09-08 00:30        
Thanks for the welcome and tips enad. :) Only one question so far - what's double posting? Is that like bumping your own thread? Or starting up two identical thread topics? Maybe something entirely different?

Agreed re: youtube. After I dug in and played ArmA for myself I just had to shrug and laugh and figured: to each their own. The game impressed me, regardless of what I'd just been reading!

Thanks again.

enad : Welcome Bacon!
Glad you chose ArmA!
A few guidelines that will help you not get in trouble here are
- Do not double post unless someone hasn't responded in 24 hours
- Do not insult others (obvious)
- Search using the Search Tool before starting a topic.

About the videos on youtube, don't listen to those BF2 fanatics. They have never played ArmA and think BF is the best game ever(and they are most likely 11 year olds)
If you have any questions feel free to ask me or anyone else here! :)