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#33484 Posted at 2008-09-09 18:45        
enad : Right now I play with all settings Very high and around 3000 view distance and get 25-30 FPS in the woods and 60 in the desert. I run an 8800 GTS 512mb.(Love it!)
BUT! I'm getting a new monitor soon with a max resolution of 1920 X 1200. Woo! I cant wait.:D
My screenshots don't look as good as in-game because of the massive quality decrease. :(
I cant wait for some shots of yours. You have a very nice card!

Great news on the monitor. Damn, that'll be one delicious setup! :D What do you use to take screenshots in ArmA? Print Screen then paste? (I'm not even sure if ArmA has its own screenshot ability, just haven't bothered looking yet)

I use FRAPS for recording video in various games, and it has a built in screenshot feature with a few different options for filetype to save to (BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA), so I normally just use that to capture my screenies since those different filetypes offer a different level of quality. Either way, I usually end up taking my shots into photoshop and using it to butcher my stuff one way or another to get it the way I want it to look. lol.

Thanks for the compliment on the card. It's still a baby. Maybe a month old now. I finally upgraded after having plugged along in a 7000 series that just could not handle max settings in any of my games. It was like a whole new experience once I got the 9800! I've never-ever been able to play a game with max settings before, since this was my first GPU upgrade on any machine I've owned.

I have a Flickr account I use for various stuff, so once I start to collect some pics from ArmA I'll definitely find that screenshot thread I've seen here and post some!