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Beef Jerky ... yo!

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#33634 Posted at 2008-09-11 13:47        
Miss B* : [quote]Foxhound :
Other basic info:
Hmmm what you wanna know?

Where's your swann??? :yes


Well there a lot to tell but i wont bore you...

Im a pain in the ass, but with a lot of love...

Some of u know me...
Others not...(better keep it that way)

I've missed you guys... Foxie, Tango6, Windy:love, Cent, Parano, Chef, Tick, Viron ehm am i missing someone?

Oh and of course RRRRRAAAAAhhhhhh:eek .

Are u allright, married, children?????

Hi Miss Bitch,

how are you doing? Haven't heard from you in a while. But i know you are well from some other source, who is keeping me informed each week.