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#39905 Posted at 2008-11-30 12:08        
Hi guys,

nice words...thanks a lot. I hope all is working, cause in another forum someone is asking after adding animations...made me little afraid :eek
have pictures in head with unmovable T800.

the terminator master himself XPETIT told me some weeks ago that he is planning making HK tanks and airships, when he is able to find some time.
There is the development of a very very cool cooperation possible...i think.

By myself i have the following projects in work:

- T800 Infiltrator Model 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) (some shadow problems)
- Shotgun Winchester Model M1887 sawed version (nearly finished) (someone an idea how to change the thrownout projectils?)
- Harley-Davidson FLSTF FatBoy (problems with the animation of sitting position...armrange / textures in work / model ready)

further planned are Resistor-Units and maybe the T1000 when i find a way to implement damage-mesh-changing.
further i would like improve the T800. Wanna change the hitsounds and the voiceorders. the files for this are ready but i didnt find the right configs yet.
Very important would be the internal view...but here i have same problem like with sounds. the informations about scripts and configs i found in www are not detailed enough and didnt found a way by myself yet.

Ok thats situation at moment.


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