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#40081 Posted at 2008-12-02 22:42        
Some weeks ago XPETIT told me that he is planning to make HK Aerial and HK Tank.
I am waiting that i get contact to him again. Then i will asking him again.

Cool since my Governor is the Terminator...LOL

Wasnt it, that the Terminator is the Governator:D
Not important,but maybe i have here something for you:satisfied

Please remember the basefile of arnies face is made by Dude

I felt so free to make the face little bit more symetric (mouth angles right and left) changed the hairs, made him looking bit more unfriendly and changed the facemodel.

bodymodel and textures are completely custom made by myself and are based on T2 Judgementday.

the weapon is the Winchester M1887 sawed shotgun.


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