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#40202 Posted at 2008-12-04 21:59        
ok heavy metal fans

befor i can reach further progress with my Model 101 it is necessary two improve the Exos.
So i used that day to do the following with my sweet metal showroompuppies:

- reworked textures to brighter and more regular
- reworked rvmat settings on chrome-environment
- stronger and brighter metal effect
- removed and reworked squeezed texture parts
- reworked some little model details
- set red eyes to shine brighter a bit
- remodeled jaw
- implemented lost parts in named selsections list
- deleted section "osobnost" (no more customface failure)
- deleted default sections in config
- added setting side to OPFOR for both T800 Exos

am doing:

- rework shadow model of PlasmaRifle

planning next:

- making damage model for Model 101
- get back to work on Harley FatBoy


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