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Thanks for your comments, and by the way this is not a mod, the whole point of this is to have a collection of ww2 addons that can re-create the great battles of the Eastern Front, I've got nothing against Rip31st, in fact I contributed the German models and the British para models to his Normandy release. Rip is concentrating on the Western Front, I'm primarily interested in the Eastern Front. I'm hoping to be able to transfer the stuff I'm working on over to Arma2, and eventually get something going for the Eastern Front, like I mentioned above there's a T34/85 in the pipeline just as soon as I can get the tank riders working properly, there's also a Gaz AAA truck I've been making and some other bits and bobs. Anyway, if anyone out there is interested enough I'd be glad to have their help in working on other models and a Russian landscape/terrain map, any takers, I'd be happy to hear from you.