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#47083 Posted at 2009-03-01 08:05        
calm_terror : Anyone have any requests for ships you think should be in this mod?
I plan to make a few civi ships as well.
When I get a chance I will post some WIP pictures of the Nanuchka's and maybe the OSA II.

i think that some kind of us naval cargo ship/lcus but bigger, would be great to have, because arma's sahrani island dont have no ports that couls hold up to a naval invasion, or bringing a large amount of cargo(supplys,vehicals,anything needed to supply the us military on sahrani) to ports from regular naval marchant freighters, because not all needed supplys can be flown in by blackhacks from the frigets! please take this into consideration!!!

p.s. or a lcac would be really needed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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