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#4836 Posted at 2007-05-05 23:43        
Hi fellow old people (and the youngsters)

I heard this is where all the old git's meet to chat about "when i was a lad we never had things like computers we had to make our own enjoyment out of a couple of cardboard boxes and a crayon we nicked from school, with added guidance from Blue Peter shows on our 17" black and white TV where we had to change channels by pressing a button or twisting a knob on the TV itself" Oh those were the days :)

I'm Dave 44 years young been playing OFP since its first release, I had a dabble with VBS1 too I'm a member (and one of the admin) of 1st Veterans Battalion although it is mainly US based there are members from other nations there too (All ex-serving or currently serving military personnel) Been building my on computers since the early atari ST's, single, and joint own a communications company, I like my toys (the more futuristic the better) I have a bad habit of buying expensive power tools "just in case I need them at some time" Have a cross German Shepherd dog who is about 12 years old and starting to go deaf who I adore more than any human, I'm learning to ride a motor bike again (2nd childhood) Smoke and drink vodka, been decorating my house for the past 8 years and still not finished yet cuz I'm a lazy "B" :)

Well theres my introduction :)

Be nice chatting with the more mature players of OFP/Res/ArmA.


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