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#50866 Posted at 2009-04-14 22:14        
JackDVS : and after they do they still can't move.

Cause you need to enable their AI again :), so use the opposite command "enableAI".

Secondly is the common problem that as I move through as the squad leader the members of my squad don't seem to be able to stay in formation, and before long I notice a couple of guys 150 meters away literally running in the opposite direction. I have to tell all of my troops where to go manually and even then it sometimes doesn't work or takes forever. So any hints on how to help this?

To me this sounds like normal AI behaviour......thats why I do not play SP at all, or lead AI in MP (but thats just cause I dont like them, hate them and get annoyed by them). I can not be of any help how to tell them to join you, I know people are much better of controling the AI and it can be fixed by using some "tricks" like telling them things are safe, or whatever. Maybe someone else can be of more help here.

I've entered the script
Smoke="GreenSmokeShell" createVehicle [(getPos this select 0),(getPos this select 1), 0.5]
in the "On Act." line for a trigger where I want the smoke to deploy, but obviously it isn't working

Use "SmokeShellGreen"
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