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How to improve game performance

In my opinion to be able to play a game it needs to be smooth, yet still have a nice visual appearance, having your graphics set to high is nice but if your PC is stuttering in MP then it's not a very good idea. To get the best out of the game you must find what suits you best performance:appearance wise. In order to get better performance you have to sacrifice the looks, performance is important because it makes the game easier to play, especially in MP where you will find when you're getting kills easier. Some of you may be experiencing problems because your system isn't exactly spec, to help you increase your performance issues I have some suggestions which you may want to choose. Others may be playing with a high FPS already with settings pretty high, but they may be able to squeeze out higher settings without loss in performance.

Bla bla bla.. :)

Not all these options do apply to users with low end systems, but also with high ends too. Most of these suggestions are very basic, but should increase your gameplay experiences very much if applied correctly. I can say that I have taken some of these following steps and A2 (arma2) runs much more smoothly than at first, with not too much quality loss. Either way, if you're struggling to get a good performance as I have here are those simple steps to improve it...


Updating your drivers up-to-date is important, newer builds generally increase the performance of your hardware. These are the most important:

Graphics card drivers. For 99% of you, you can find them at these places:

Motherboard drivers, visit the brand site, drivers are usually downloadable from the support sections. Some common ones:

Processor drivers, various softwares and drivers are made to increase your processing power:

Soundcard drivers:
Creative, Xfi, soundblaster

Maintaining your system

Things such as keeping your hardrive clean, removing unused programs to free momory, defragmenting and performing checks.

I recomend Windows Advanced System Care, will perform scans to clean up your system. With this it also recommends various other programs to download such as SmartDefrag, registry defrag, disk cleaner and disk check.

Tweaking your system

Tweak guide provided by radicalatheart

Closing programs to optimise your system even further, etc.

TuneXP 1.5 A very handy tool for all XP users
Vista services Optimiser
Game Booster (compliments to NoQuarter) also comes with Windows Advanced care
SmartRAM - comes with widnwos advanced care
Adjusting image settings in nVidia on control panel to performance (not sure what the ATI equivalent is).

Settings found to prove useful:

PyroDyne has made some in depth discussion about tweaking your system in our forums here.


Not the best of ideas imho, but if you are feeling up to it then why not.
GPU Tool

Precise game settings

To do this you will need to open your player.profile and arma2.cfg with notepad, these documents can be found in My Documents, in the ArmA 2 folder, and/or ArmA 2 Other profiles. You will have to open them with notepad.

Here are some settings you can change to increase/decrease quality more precisely than using the ingame settings page. Note, that if you do change your settings ingame it will alter the files, so you will have to open them back up and save them manually again before your start the game. here are useful lines you can alter.

3D_Performance=80000;        //no effect recorded by me
HDRPrecision=8;             //I repsume settings can be 8, 16 and 32, as with ArmA 1
Render_W=1680;             // Changing these render resolutions to match the resolution in which you
Render_H=1050;                Run arma2 will make an increase in performance
Render resolution/fillrate can now be changed appropriately in the options since v1.02

soundEnableHW=1;       //hardware acceleration, usefull for gaming mode on xfi soundcards
sceneComplexity=150000;  //lower values for smoother game (typically 150k being 'very low')
viewDistance=1600.59;         //useful if you have trouble with the slider ingame
terrainGrid=40;               //more precise than ingame - higher value is less 50=off

Once you have edited your settings in the cfg files save them, then right click on your files, go to properties and select read only, and apply the setting. This will stop the game from changing the settings which you have just applied.

Altering these values in ArmA2.cfg may improve performance slightly:

Lowering mouse smoothing in profile.arma2profile values can reduce mouse lag and may improve FPS slightly:

Higher FOV increases performance, take your FOV values and multiply them both the same. E.g. values 0.75 and 1.20 become 0.975 and 1.56 when multiplied by 1.3. Use to your liking.


FPS Helper[/size]

PROPER visuals, released to improve FPS:
vegetation - low
vegetation - very low
buildings - low
buildings - very low

Sap clutter - reduces clutter size and increases performance slightly.

Kegety's no blur and no bloom mod definately increases FPS. it's a MUST HAVE. - Since v1.02 this is no longer a necessity, see below.

Without mod
Frames: 4983 - Time: 115663ms - Avg: 43.082 - Min: 34 - Max: 66
With no blur and no bloom
Frames: 4855 - Time: 102127ms - Avg: 47.539 - Min: 35 - Max: 111

VFFPS - adds gamelogic that you can put in your single player missions, will alter the terrain settings and viewdistance depending on your fps.

Startup Parameters

Run ArmA2 with High CPU priority. This gives more time for processing with ArmA2. For me it gives about 10% more performance when there are plenty of units on the field. In games such like Domination and Warfare etc I've noticed going from ~27FPS to ~30FPS. To run ArmA 2 with a high CPU priority you can go to task manager and right click arma2.exe and alter the priority that way. Alternatively you can edit your target line on your shortcut.

Add this to the front:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C START "ArmA 2" /high 
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C START "ArmA 2" /high "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\beta\arma2.exe"  -world=empty -nosplash -winxp -mod=@ace;@acex;@acex_pla;@acex_sm;@cba;beta

If you're running multiple GPUs / SLi / Crossfire you may also want to use the -winxp startup parameter if you're using windows vista or 7. This changes the directx version so that it will support multigpu configurations in arma 2.

With this you can set the maximum virtual memory that will be allocated to the game, this works up to 2047.

Will change the amount of cores the game uses. If you're using quad core you may want to use 2 cores for some unknown reason. Who knows - it might do something for some people.

In a few cases running the game in windowed mode improved performance.


Seleting compatibility mode to windows XP in the shortcut has also been known to improve performance in some cases.

Renaming ArmA2.exe to crysis.exe or crysis64.exe, also sometimes enables SLI for some people, if not try using the command parameter with crysis.exe or crysis64.exe -winxp.

EVGA SLI fix, read more here.

Nvidia SLI profile patch

Run on multiple hard drives

If you don't have RAID and have 2 hardrives.

ArmA2 is heavy on the harddrive I decided to split the ArmA 2 files onto two different hard drives, this can be done by making a mod folder on one of your separate hardrives. This makes loading faster, and allows you to simulate a faster data transfer rate. Performance differences can depend on your drives, you may want to move files to a different hard-drive for simply de-fragmentation.

For example I have moved the following files (they mainly contain textures and models), others containing configs may cause problems if you are running addons. into F:\CA\addons as shown below:


You can then run these files via the modfolder method

(safest method) I use.
to work with some mods/addons, depending on which files you have moved.


v1.01 final
Small increases in performance notable, nothing spectacular.

Optimisations with distant lights made.
Blur and bloom - option to disable added.
Option to change the rendered resolution instead of fillrate.

Reduced stutters on map borders




Thanks to everyone contributing and making these steps available. Please if anyone has anything more to mention then I will add it in here also.

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