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#5435 Posted at 2007-05-22 00:55        
Hi, had a spare moment so i thought i would introduce myself. :)
I live in South Island, New Zealand and work as a freelance photograper so i don't really have a set home, although at the moment i am at "home" "home" :) for afew weeks. Have not played much different PC games in the past (tend to stick with them for a long time) and those have been mainly RPG's, Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights and Hidden and Dangerous 2(sqaud shooter) too name the main ones...and Arma ofcourse. Anyone else played H&D2? Ohh and I am 19. Apart from photography i enjoy "modding" :D my car :brik. Hmm not much else to tell really exept hope that everyone don't mind me filling the forum up with nub questions as i try to grasp this game and its editor(after searching first ofcourse :)).
This is a great site though i will just say, and wow I did not have to do the whole check the email thing to register that gave it 10 extra points in my view !
bracks :cheers

Edit:cleaned up, removed unnecessary stuff :)

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