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#54379 Posted at 2009-06-01 10:31        
Dead3yez : [quote]hoak :There was a remark on the BI forums that implied that there is no anti-alias, yet

As for that comment, I think it's more about the anistropic filtering, there seems to be no effect when the settings are changed.[/quote]

I remember that too. I think in Arma 2 AA == fillrate if I understand ohara's (I believe it was him) explanation correctly.
100% fillrate would be the same as 4xAA, 200% fillrate would be 8xAA etc.
However he also said maybe in a future patch they would put back an AA button in settings.

The above is how I remember reading it but as I too do not have the game yet I have to copy/believe what others post :)

Awesome info mate.
I think you should write a news item about it since the BI forums are down this might be some usefull info to many Arma 2 users ;)