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#54385 Posted at 2009-06-01 11:34        
If not mistaken (forums are still down...) it was more like:
Fillrate 100% = no AA (or was it 2xAA).
Fillrate 150% = 4xAA.
Fillrate 200% = 8xAA.
Note fillrate isn't a stock AA, but compairable with AA supersampling. This has more effect on transparency textures. Knowing the map has tons of these textures (tree leaves as one of the most obvious) adding 'fillrate' has a mayor impact on performence. Would be nice to import and compair maps like avgani or afghan village (desert type with low vegi) even though those maps aren't arma2 optimized.
It was indeed mentioned that they are thinking of adding 'normal' AA in a patch.
Fact is, this and any game requires some level of AA. Without it it no mather how good a game looks, it kills the picture imho.

Imho there should also need to be looked into adding an option to remove the head movement blur as:
*Most people dislike it (same as post-progressing, same as in arma1). As far as i know this is linked to each other, note you can't disable it (but akaik it is also linked to HDR witch can't be removed).
*It also has a big preformence impact i think. An effect can't come without performence impact i think.

As for AF, i haven't checked it out good, but it looks it doesn't have that much effect as it used to have in ArmA1 (road lines are often a good indicator for AF). But overall i always thought AF didn't had such an impact, compaired to AA at least.