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#54393 Posted at 2009-06-01 12:45        
Hi there guys,

just wanted to post some feedback here.

Some german translation for the menu words:
Deaktiviert = Deactivated
Niedrig = Low
Mittel = Medium
Hoch = High
Sehr klein = Very small
Breitbild = Widescreen
Füllrate-Optim. = Fillrate-Optimization - this is NO AA @ 100%. Under 100% gives you an emulation of a lower resolution which is weird.
Helligkeit = Brightness
Landsch.-Details = Landscape-Detail

Overall, i'm not very impressed by ArmA2's gfx. If you want to have good looking bushes & trees, you need the object-details on HIGH, but it's gonna lag, esp when zooming in. I can't accept to look on clunky & distorted bitmap bushes any longer, so i tried everyting to get rid of the lag.

I found out that by setting Landscape-Detail to Very low (Sehr niedrig) you can get rid of the grass and the lag. Shadows have to stay on normal or low though. That way you also can set the see distance (Sichtweite) to above 2000m without getting back any lags.

Playing without any grass at all is esp. smooth when flying over cities - the lags i had beforehand was mostly gone.

All in all, ArmA2 goes back onto my shelf until a year or so. ArmA still rules and looks much better imo. Until somebody comes up with a 'low detail grass' addon for ArmA2 i won't switch it back on, but - let's be honest - the grass is what gives ArmA2 it's special look right?

Shame really. Back to Evolution. ;)