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#56360 Posted at 2009-06-23 15:27        
Something the ACE mod team should defenedly work on is the AI's engagement. I mean, I built a mission where I was a sniper as a iraqi republican guard and sniping US convoys from a hill. The enemy didn't fire at me at all, exept the humvees and Strykers, but when infantry attacks me, they came like 3 meters close to me and THEN fired, instead of seeking closest cover when beign fired at, and then returning fire. Or atleast firing back when beign fired at instead of running right next to me and then firing. And sometimes the hostiles and friendlies just walk right past each other when engaging other targets than each other.
The Ai engagement should seriusly be modified.

And about my grenade issue, I think 1.09 ACE patch helped it just a little bit, not sure.
Using "this removeallweapons; this addweapon "something"; this addmagazine "something"" is a bit to much work since I want the bots to have different kinds of weapons and a lot of bots.

@Foxhound, that didn't work either + I triple checked the classname :(

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