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#56547 Posted at 2009-06-25 15:28        
Tomahawk : ...
So I consider my grenade issue closed too, but I still don't understand why I had problems with AI in ACE mod. It could be a conflict with a other mod I guess...

I'm glad you got your issue solved. But next time don't start bashing a mod when you aren't sure of the reason. I know the AI
changes in ACE because I burned 2 hours digging through the source code to see if this was the problem for you. Stating you were using a another mod that might have conflicted certainly would have been more appropriate to mention before flaming ACE.

Tomahawk : by the way, I did take your advice about the FSM thing and Mr. Murrays editing guide, I'm currently studying the editing guide and have studied it before you notified me about the existance of it, but the tutorial I found for FSM proved to be not so beginner friendly.

Finite State Engines are college-level work. I mentioned them because that is the only way to definitively alter the AI tactical behavior you accused ACE of messing up. The fact you took a look at it shows you do have some hope after all.

I have my copy of Mr. Murray's guide in a ring binder and open almost anytime I do mission work - which is basically anytime I'm not on the forums or gaming with my clan. It's a good book, though it has a few typos and really should stress the newer sqf syntax more. In that mission I designed recently over 80% of the techniques and unit names came straight from the MM guide, 15% from the BIS Wiki and the rest from ACE. Only one thing, involving free-fall parachuting, was based on info not readily available to the typical mission writer. And that'll get added to the ACE FAQ when I have time to write a cohorent document. ;)

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