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#56854 Posted at 2009-06-28 09:44        
There seems to be a serious issue with Arma II performance on Vista systems. I cannot find the link now, but my interest was sparked when I read a thread about someone who had a far better machine than a friend yet was getting significantly lower frames in an identical benchmark with identical settings. The difference was that the OP had Windows Vista and his friend had XP. So, refusing to believe that my Athlon 3.2ghz Dual Core, 4GB RAM, GTX 285 2GBVRAM, Win Vista machine should be getting 15-25 frames at the lowest settings I decided to do a test. I installed the game on my brother's Win XP machine, which is identical in every way except that mine has a better video card (he has a GTX 275). On identical settings and in the same area (Chenogorsk) his machine was getting 30-55 FPS while mine was struggling at 15-20. So as you can see, the only factor is that he has XP and I have Vista. I tried running the game with that "-winxp" in the command line but that did nothing.

I'm pretty upset that I have been waiting for this game for so long and it is unplayable at any setting on a machine that should be able to run it just fine. I have also read several articles/forums that touch on the fact that the game runs poorly on AMD Phenom II if it was not a quad core at all (I am only mentioning this because this is the next upgrade I have planed for my machine). It just really sounds like BI needs to take some serious time to address these game-breaking performance issues.

More importantly, I just wanted to shed some light on this thread about this issue in case people are having trouble running the game on a Vista machine despite implementing these optimisation suggestions.

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