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#56921 Posted at 2009-06-28 18:12        
oxy_moron : I have a few questions about this mod:
1. How do you apply bandages?
2. Why my binoculars dont go in zoomed view but instead they just obstruct my view?
3. Why when commanding vehicle or flying as a pilot i cant change weapon for my gunner?
4. Is there any servers which support this mod?

1. Use the actions menu (scroll wheel or enter key ) to access the bandage option. Note you have to crouch to help teammates with medical issues and be nearby them. If you are badly injured you might not be able to self-treat.

2. You have to use the optics option ala a scope. Typical keybind is the "v" key.

3. Use the 'f' key to order a weapons change. In some cases you need to select the gunner first.

4. Yes. Plenty of servers run ACE missions. Both with the 1.14 and 1.16 patch levels for ArmA.

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