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#56942 Posted at 2009-06-28 22:43        
I did not take screenshots but finally thought I should take some time to test how ArmA2 runs on my system (havent played yet though).

My specs:
Intel E6600 @2.4
Windows XP
Forceware 182.06
Clean install, formatted my whole system last week and running a Virtual Machine for the ordinary internet stuff. So this XP install is only used for the game and some additional programs (for the overclocking I planned as well).

All ingame settings set to normal, PP disabled.

Highest ArmA2 scores I saw was:
Test 1: 43.5431
Test 2: 34.8481
Test 3: 25.8926
Test 4: 37.7358
Test 5: 20.8778
ArmA2 mark: 3257.95

Now, I will overclock this CPU to 3.0 and than test again. I also will buy 2 GB additional RAM so if needed ArmA2 can use the full (and max) 2 GB while XP still has some too :)
(I know XP supports max like 3.5)